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Post Facility Production


HDMS designs Post Facilities that allow companies to go entirely tapeless. Combining editing suites, audio suites, audio booths, machine room, ingest system, dubbing system, media management system, graphic system, color correcting system, and a Preview Theater or Room, we allow clients to streamline their broadcasting or webcasting operation through one Post Facility.

Archive Solutions

With tape increasingly becoming outdated, digital archiving is almost essential for any serious media company looking to archive their content.

At HDMS, we have the solutions you need for integrating a digital archive into your current equipment configuration. Our solutions are completely customizable and out integration professionals will implement them in a way that they are easily accessible.

Final Cut Pro

HDMS are the Final Cut Pro experts. It doesn’t matter if you need one station or dozens of edit suites, our Apple-certified experts are ready to fill your demand. We custom design and build systems to meet even the most exacting specifications. Best of all, each one our systems is entirely
“Plug-and-Play” and pre-configured, making it ready for use the moment it arrives.

Autodesk Systems

With so many great developments and products, it can be hard to keep up with Autodesk Media and Entertainment, and upgrading and integrating new systems can sometimes be a bit more than you want to handle. Luckily, HDMS is capable of meeting all your Autodesk needs. We’re experts in the software, the systems and integrating a new Autodesk solution into your existing studio.

Machine Rooms

HDMS integrates fully custom machine rooms. Our team works step-by-step with you to choose the equipment that will work best with your solution. We design machine rooms for audio equipment, video equipment or both; and our role as a systems integrator gives us the freedom to choose the gear that best suits your needs.

Tapeless Workflow

At HDMS, we are the tapeless experts. In this world of new media and file-based recording, implementing a tapeless workflow is the best way to capitalize on all the features the technology has to offer. We can integrate a tapeless workflow with your existing configuration so there’s no confusion or time wasted learning a new set of equipment!


HDMS does not simply build and design systems. We also provide training and support for each system we deliver. Our service contracts ensure that our clients are operational 100% of the time! Our staff is extremely thorough in servicing and training ensuring every piece is in perfect working order and our clients are completely comfortable operating them.


HDMS excels at helping your company bring its existing workflow into a new home or upgrading a current configuration. We will evaluate both your old and new space and look at your equipment compliment. We will design the floorplan and layout of your new facility in order to provide the best possible workflow for your equipment once you relocate. Portable Edit Bays HDMS has outfitted a variety of clients with Portable Edit Bays that have travelled all over the globe. Our Edit Bays are totally self-contained with everything you need in one compact package that moves very easily. You’ll never again have to fuss with hooking up a mess of wires and other equipment when you arrive at your destination.

Graphic Bays

HDMS, is ready to equip you with your next Graphic Bay. We offer a variety of solutions to handle formats from uncompressed HD to DV. Our systems are very powerful and easy-to-use. Best of all, each system we build is fully customizable, designed to the specifications of our client. We can even integrate your next Graphic Bay with your existing system.

Collaborative Workflow

Whether your facility is small or large there are always many steps to take from capturing content to broadcasting it or readying it for distribution. These steps often take up more time and money than necessary, but they don’t have to. When HDMS sets up a Collaborative Workflow for your facility, every aspect of production will be streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Storage Solutions

At HDMS, we are the stroage experts. We work with many manufacturers including Facilis, Ciprico, Apple & more to develop the best storage solutions for our clients. As a systems integrator, we are brand agnostic allowing us to choose the best piece of equipment for our customer’s storage needs without worrying about staying loyal to a particular manufacturer.

Color Correction Bays

Whether you are doing color correction for films, television or a smaller operation, HDMS has the solution to meet your needs. Our Color Correction Suites are completely customized to meet all needs and budgets with equipment selected alongside our clients to fill their requirements.


HDMS’s Avid-based edit suites are delivered as complete units. We take the pain out of putting together everything that goes into a proper editing station by integrating all the equipment ourself. We provide the console, the furniture and can add multiple speakers and monitors to complete the whole system.

Visual Effects Facilities

If you’re looking to upgrade or build a new visual effects facility, HDMS has the knowledge and the experience to provide you with an excellent solution. We handle effects facilities of all sizes and budgets with a vast selection of gear and other options for a complete custom experience.

SAN/NAS System

The experts at HDMS have the experience and knowledge necessary to bring your studio into the file-based age with a complete SAN System. We’ve designed systems for Actual Reality, IBS Safeworld, and Stampede and are ready to apply our expertise to your situation once you take us on as your turnkey integrator.

Open Platform Facility

An ideal solution for tapeless post-production is our Open Platform Post Facility. We’ve teamed with Avocent and Facilis to design a system that allows the client to access access all of their existing projects, systems, and machine room resources from a single workstation.


HDMS gives wiring as much focus as the equipment installation and overall design. We provide a clean look for the finished product, labeling each wire so there is no confusing tracing of a labyrinthine mess just to unplug the correct piece of equipment along with thorough testing of each cable.

Pro Tools Systems

Whether you operate and independent recording studio or are doing audio post-production for a big budget feature, HDMS has the Pro Tools System to meet your needs. We offer fully custom systems built to your specifications and designed to meet the requirements of clients of all budgets and sizes.