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Broadcast Facility

The integration specialists at HDMS are expertly equipped to design and build a complete broadcast facility from the ground up. 

We can handle every type of acquisition method, video format and transmission type to construct a complete Broadcast Studio designed and engineered to your exact specifications. Whether you are looking for standard definition tape-based facility for more traditional broadcasts or a high definition facility utilizing a completely tapeless workflow for transmission via the web, satellite and even for cell phones, HDMS’s staff is certain to produce a solution that is right for you. 

Our design team will handle every area of a new broadcast facility from the studio, to the master control room, to the editorial center. Our focus begins with workflow design and we can ensure a seamless workflow to fit any budget. HDMS goes to incredible lengths to make sure each system we design fully suits our clients’ needs, and that each one of our customers is fully familiar with every aspect of the product.

For broadcasting in IPTV or HD in 3GP or live air HDMS offers integration solutions for automated play to storage to up-linking to aesthetics.


• Special Design for Crew Positions

• Video Processing Equipment

• Monitor Walls

• Audio Boards