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Audio Production

When HDMS integrates an Audio Recording Studio, it typically consists of a sound stage, control room, and machine room. Depending on your exact needs and budget, a recording studio can be a critical feature to a sophisticated production environment.

We acoustically engineer the sound room to maximize the audio quality. Acoustic engineering takes many variables into consideration such as the room size, shape, walls, material, outside noise, inside noise, and surrounding areas.

The control room is “the brain” of the production. Depending on the budget and needs, the typical control room consists of a large audio mixer, analyzers, monitoring, and record/playback control.

With control of the recorders and playback at your operator’s fingertips, you can efficiently and effectively manage, control, monitor, and create a multitrack recording.

The Machine Room is the heart of your facility. It contains the majority of the equipment that allows your recording stage and control room to function. As the underlying infrastructure to your recording studio, it includes key components and systems including the router, recorders, storage, QC, and the “glue.”

Typically, the majority of your audio signals are brought to the router creating total interconnectivity and ultimate flexibility.

To begin the process of integrating your Audio Recording Studio, simply

he Bill of Materials for an Audio Recording Studio consists of hundreds of pieces of equipment that is determined during the engineering process. The following is an sample of the key pieces of equipment that are integrated into the Production Studio:

Audio Mixing:
• Digi Design ICON
• Pro Tools
• Calrec
Audio Monitors and Speakers:
• Genelec
• Wohler
Facility Router:
• Harris Platinum
• Grass Valley Concerto
• Network Electronics
• Sierra Video
Audio Recording:
• Pro Tools
• Alesis