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Products: Lighting

The Arri Softbank D2 Light Kit consists of (2) 300W Fresnel, and a 650W Fresnel. Arri Softbank Series D light kits are designed for use with modern digital video cameras. The total wattage has been reduced for these more light sensitive cameras with no loss of control or light quality. Due to their wide flood [...]

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The Arri 150/300/650 Fresnel Kit consists of (2) 150W Fresnels, a 300W Fresnel, and (2) 650W Fresnels Arri Fresnel Kits are focusable (spot to flood) and easy to shape light with barndoors, flags, and nets, making it a popular choice to light talent directly. The glass Fresnel lens provides a smooth, even field. Fresnel kits [...]

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